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  1. I hope I don't sound stupid...

    I have a gas Master Forge vertical 

    When pre-heating the smoker, do you already have the wood chips in or do you wait to put in the wood when it gets to the right temp and put in the meat?
  2. You didn't say what meat you will be cooking. If you give the meat time for the outside to dry It will be a lot better tasting smoke flavor.

    Happy smoken.

  3. David,

    I will be smoking a 5lb Turkey Breast...


    Also, I brined it Cajun spices...would you suggest cherry or hickory would?  Would you put a mixture of water and apple juice for the water pan?

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    If you're going low-and-slow, I'd suggest the cherry.
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    Cherry gives great color and is more mild than Hickory. Use Dry Chips and no water in the pan. Water will not allow the skin to crisp and adding apple juice does nothing but waste the juice. The amount of flavor imparted is negligible. If you want more smoke go low and slow, 225-250°F until the IT is 150° then finish it in a 425-450° Oven to finish the cool and crisp the skin. For light smoke, run your smoker at 325°F until the IT is 165°F. It will help the skin if you place it in front of a fan for 1 hour to dry before smoking...JJ
  6. I put sand in my water pan then cover it in foil.

    Happy smoken.

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    This title should at least be R rated !
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    When I did my turkey breast, I had my water pan filled with water, and went on 225F for 4 hours until IT 165F. Used peach and cherry, for the color. The meat was brined for 24 hours.

    But it was a skinless breast, so I had nothing to crisp :)


  10. I'm just a newbie but a wink or a head nod is usually good enough for me.[​IMG]
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    Coach , have your TBS going before you introduce the Meat or anything . . .[​IMG]


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