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  1. What are the traditional competitions at an average BBQ contest? Is it just Ribs, Brisket, Chicken and Pulled Pork? I ask because I would truly like to start competing this time next year and I want to get all the practice I can.
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    Most competitions have more than one contest to enter & that will include anything BBQ related too like sides & desserts. 
  3. Typical BBQ contests (KCBS, FL BBQ, and I assume others) have the following 4 categories:

    [1] chicken

    [2] ribs

    [3] butt

    [4] brisket

    The typical KCBS contest will have you turning in an entry every 30 minutes Chicken at Noon, Ribs at 12:30, Butt at 1:00 and Brisket at 1:30.  FL BBQ is typically every hour.

    Some recommend attending a judging class to get an understanding of what the judges are looking for during a competition.  If I were you, I would join the FL BBQ Association (google will take you there) and sign up for a judges class.  There is one schedule in Perry FL on 12/13.  I'm hoping for a NE Florida judges class and hope there will be one soon.

    Hope that helps!
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  4. @Jaguarken great information. Yeah I would definitely like to take a judging course. Are there any cost to joining the assoc.?
  5. No problem, happy to help.  $35 per year for the Association and $75 for Judge's Seminar.

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