Pork Rib Roast

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  1. When placing on grate.....rib bones down, or rib bones up?

    Also, I have heard everything from 20 minutes a Lb. to 45 minutes a Lb.  Would much appreciate any help that can be provided on time/Lb.

    Will be using a BGE at 235*F

    Thank you
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    Hello , cuppedwings . I place the bones down . As for time , about 45 min. Per , but use that ONLY as a refference. ,cook to temp , (remember the carry overheat will continue to cook it as it restin the foil .

    If you want rare , go 125* and pull off the grill wrap and set aside for a rest .

    Be sure to send q-view , and as always. . . .
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    Here's my first experience.  About 5 hrs of smoke at 225 for this 7 lb pork rib roast.  Its wrapped and sitting in the turned off oven at the moment for maybe an hr.  I pulled it at 149 deg.  
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