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    I posted the below info on another forum and wanted to post here to see if you guys could provide some insight.

    After quite a while going back and forth whether to build a GF or pitmaker I decided to go with the Safe for two reason. 1 - I like the looks and reverse flow design. 2 - I already have a vault so I know how to operate it well and I can use the vault to get most of the measurements.

    I took detailed measurements off my vault today because it looks like the only difference between the two is the width and 1 rack. After taking measurements I checked the site and they match up perfectly. However I looked at the Safe dimensions and was a little confused on the width they have on the site. The vault width on the outside is 32". Inside is 28". This is a difference of 4" which matches up with 2" of insulation on each side.

    Here is the weird part. The dimensions of the racks on the safe are 20.5" wide. On the vault there is 1.5" clearance on each side of the rack to make room for the rack supports and the 1" wide exhaust stack on each side. If this stays true in the Safe it would make the interior width 23.5" but the site shows outside dimensions 22". Could this be a typo on the site? Also, My vault weighs 965LBS. How can you go 4.5" narrower and 9" shorter and lose over half the weight? something seems off. Anyone have a Safe they can take measurements off of?

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