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  1. Hello All.  I just realized I had posted this in the wrong place.  I am reposting here as I feel it needs to be said.  I just wanted to post this as information for the new folks and as a reminder to the older members.  We have many good folk here who volunteer their time to act as moderators on this site.  Not only do they deal with troublemakers who come on to our site but their GREATEST contribution is the knowledge that they freely share with whoever needs it.  They monitor all the posts they can to point out any food safety issues to keep us from poisoning our friends, [​IMG]  and on top of that they even offer recipes and tips to make our smokes better.  Should you see a post where you feel an issue needs to be addressed; and you are not quite sure of the answer, don’t forget our moderators.  That is what these folks do. They are the gurus.  They do a FANTASTIC job and we should all acknowledge that fact.  I wish to say a BIG thank you to all our moderators.  Without their contributions this site would not be the great place it is.   THANK YOU!   Keep Smokin!

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    I agree Danny, mods on here don't get paid and offer up alot of good advice and volunteer their time  to help folks out.   [​IMG]
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    They do a great job in keeping our site free from a lot of garbage that is found on other forums. They are truly under paid. I say they should get a 200% raise of what they make now [​IMG]......oh yea they don't get paid [​IMG]....... I know I have had a moderator or two who have helped keep me grounded and remind me that I need to look at things from a different perspective than a Chef view when putting information out. It has actually helped me a lot away from here too.

    So yes Thank You to all of our underpaid and over worked Moderators!!!! [​IMG]

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