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  1. Greetings to all, and Happy 4th.

    My wife and I have been kicking around the idea of putting a propane fire pit in the backyard to just lazy around on those cool San Francisco evenings. I know there are plenty of predone units available, but I was looking at trying to do one myself. I don't do metal work,so welding a box or anything like that is probably out. I was thinking of something in the line of brick. I want to try and make it about 4 to 5 feet long and about 2 to 3 feet wide in a rectangle. I know I can get all the lines and tubes and all that, my question is more about the actual box and what to use and how to vent it. Anybody done anything like this before? Any input woud be great.

    Thanks for looking, and God Bless America

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    We design them out of CMU, stone, concrete, for the houses we design. Square, round, you name it. We design them on concrete footing below the frost grade. Even though we don't get a ton of rain we design in a drain at the low point. Snow can fill them up with plenty of water.

    For the burners we use pre made units. Sometimes we use log kits and sometimes we just use fire rock or fire beads.
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  3. So would these work? They are about a foot long and about 7 inches deep. I can stagger about 3 rows to make it about 18 inches tall leaving a gap on the bottom row for venting. Run my line in from a propane tank to the burner. Get a pan with some stone and all good. Right?

    Thanks for the help. This is something i have been wanting to try for a while.
  4. Hey dirtsailor, heres another question if you dont mind. I have an old wood burning pit i got from the local Lowe's or home depot. Can i buy parts and convert it to a propane unit? If so, do you have a supplier you use that you would recommend?



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