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  1. Hello! I just joined about 30 seconds ago! I live in Casper WY (here is weather): Weather for Casper, WY
    Wind: NE at 8 mph
    Humidity: 88%

    42°F | 15°F
    29°F | 12°F
    37°F | 20°F
    41°F | 16°F

    The snow is coming down hard-about 5" so far!

    Anyway I have used my semi homemade smoker (converted from charcoal when my Dad died) and added a wood box. As you can see from above-there is NO way I could use 100% wood to smoke. So I added natural gas connection from my house and it works great! I have done well at pork and ribs. Beef brisket I need to work on as well as chicken. So any help would be greatly appreciated! I have run into a used Southern Pride machine and may be buying it soon-already on a trailer. I hope some day to travel and cook with some of you all! I am in sales now and burnt out (no pun intended!) Any tips on ANYTHING and BBQ sauces would be great! Bye for now! FNOZMAN
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    Welcome to SMF! There are lots of folks here who are ready and willing to share their experience. All you need to do is ask. It DOES sound like there are some areas that you might be the one sharing experience with others. [​IMG]
  3. Welcome aboard to SMF,this is the place to be to learn and give advice about smoking.[​IMG]
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    Welcome aboard Fnozman, Sorry bout your snow, it is going to be 75 deg. here today...don't mean to rub it in.
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    Welcome to the SMF.
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    60's here in SC.....whoops got off subject....Welcome to the SMF!! Consider Jeff's Rub and Sauce for a purchase....really good stuff and you will get lots of complements on your cooks....and of course sign up for Jeff's 5-day course..don't care how long you been smoking (meat that is) you will learn something.
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    Welcome to SMF, There is a wealth of knowledge here with freindly folks willing to help.
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    Hello there, and glad to see that you've joined the best smikin' site on the net, SMF that is. Read around the different forums, there is a knowledge base here that is nothing short of great. Looking forward to your next smokin' post. BTW, my son lives in Rock Springs. Have a great weekend/
  9. WOW! What nice welcomes! Thanks ya'll! I will share all I know that is for sure! Please feel free to ask me questions all of the time! PS-I am picking up my new (used) Southern Pride I found from a guy shutting down his catering business today! I will take pictures and post later! C'ya!
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    Welcome to the site.......Great place here..........

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