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    Hi all,

    Just joined to share in the world of cooking meat.  I've used the forums to search for information and figured I should give back too.  I live in Ridley Park, PA and bought my first cooker when we moved into our first house in 2007, it was a 22" Weber kettle.  I outfitted it with a smokenator and could produce some pretty good meat with charcoal and wood chunks.  Then I read Franklin's book and learned that I was cooking with a lot of dirty smoke and wanted to try cooking with only wood as the fuel.  Went out and picked up an Oklahoma Joe Longhorn and have been cooking more than ever this year.  I've cooked pork ribs and butts, whole and parts of chickens and turkeys, many types of fish, beef clod, brisket, back and plate ribs and have been grinding my own beef burgers.  I'm really digging the beef chuck ribs lately since it's like brisket but way faster.  Thinking about trying tongue next just for kicks.  I also do a lot of beer brewing (I would consider that the primary hobby) and like working on cars which was my original hobby as a kid.  Anyway, thanks for having me!

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