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Discussion in 'So Cal Smokers' started by sanchez, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. sanchez

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    Hi everyone I've just joined this forum today and already have had a blast reading the threads in this group.  I love the local info on stuff.  I'm just getting started and would like some feedback on a decent quality decently priced smoker.  Thanks.

  2.                  How about some info on what your looking for. Things like, what do you like to smoke? What size do you want? Any particular heat source ( electric, gas, coal, solar ), and of course, your budget...
  3. sanchez

    sanchez Newbie

    So I am partial to smoking pork but I've never had a chance to smoke a brisket.  As for size and budget I have been looking at two different models for reference: first the Weber smokey mountain cooker and the Masterbuilt 2 door propane smoker.  That would mean that I'm looking to spend between $200-$300 dollars and have something that is slightly compact.  That is actually why I have been looking mostly at vertical smokers.  As for heat source wood/charcoal would be ideal but if there are some good arguments for propane I would take that into consideration.  Thanks for your input.
  4. bolopwr

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    Hi Sanchez...I started smoking on a vertical propane smoker and was able to produce some great food and learn a lot on it I had a smokey mountain which is similar than the masterbuilt but only had one door. I have also heard great things about the WSM. I think both would produce great just comes down to dealing with propane or messing with wood/charcoal.

    I do have to say, that on long cooks (overnighters) its sure nice not to have to get more charcoal going. I also have an ECB offset and have spent a lot of late hours with that thing :th_crybaby2:. It actually drove me to buy a Rec Tec!

    Good luck with your decision. Get whats best for you.

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