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Discussion in 'Wood Smokers' started by tacswa3, Nov 19, 2014.

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    Picked me up a 20'' Horizon from Bass Pro and have it seasoning as I type this. Really looking forward to using this baby. I generally use my WSM but I find it to small lately especially for slabs of ribs. Using both racks is a pain because you have to take off the top to get to the bottom blah blah blah. Any who, since I liked the design of my Char-griller and the flavor it produced w/ wood, I wanted a better built stick burner.

    Anybody done any mods to these models? I plan on getting the baffle plate, (To bad I have to wait weeks and weeks from Horizon) and the only problem I see with the unit so far is the firebox loading door doesn't seal tight all the way around. Any owners find this to be a problem or done any fixes? I swapped out the factory temp gauge for another as well. 

    Just more thing, Can I get a cover for anywhere else other than from Horizon? After market will suffice for me.
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    The charbroil xl should work just fine as a cover, should be around $20 on amazon. You could probably use some rope gasket and high temp rtv sealant to seal the firebox door.
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    I'm not gonna get much help with 27 views. I actually need some quick help. Been using this smoker and man, I have huge temp difference at one end then the other. I plan on getting the baffle plate but is their something temporary I can do to help out in the mean time?

    Depending on the stage of the fire I have a 100-200 degree difference from the firebox side to the other.
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  5. See if you can find a flat cookie sheet and drill some holes in it use that until yours comes in the mail. That should help out to move the heat from the firebox over to the stack. Hope that helps
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