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  1. This is my smoker....Big Poppa kit with a 30 qt. stainless bowl cut into the flat lid, screwed down, and a small block chevy thermostat housing for exhaust...its only 1 1/2 " of exhaust....but when I smoke, I generally have 1-2  3/4" inlets open....seems to work pretty well...though residue will form at or near the exhaust.....usually on longer smokes. No problem, whenever you open it up, just take a rag and wipe it off.  My faithful dog "Dickey" is at the ready.............My other hound.."Chugs" is in the wood storage hole for the pizza oven...still a lot of stuff to do on the cook shack.....
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  2. c farmer

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    Looks good. You could add some hidden exhaust ports to help.
  3. I sure could, but, it works pretty well  as is...a problem that I will address is the fact that the inlet slider bar gizmo that they give you in the kit doesn't fit I guess I'll have to put some hi-temp silicone around it....still in all it will hold 225-275  with only 1 of the 3/4" inlets open...  but it will climb...I've only used it 5 times so far.....7-10 lbs. of either Kingsford reg, or lump or a mix...with a couple hunks of hickory..Longest smoke  was 3-4 hrs....
  4. dcb5739

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    Love the lid,,, where did you find that bowl ?
  5. dirtsailor2003

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    Great looking smoke shack and UDS! I see you've only smoked one whole pig as there are no more mounts on the wall 😁
  6. Thanks...DCB, I got the bowl from here......                                         DS, I have not smoked a whole pig.... YET  [​IMG]   ....... been thinking about getting a small one for the brick oven though ..on a spit.

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