My, how the mind wonders while the sausage smokes.

Discussion in 'Sausage' started by shortend, Jul 30, 2011.

  1. shortend

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    When do you sausage experts use your fancy schmancy little sweetcorn holder/sausage poker gadgets? Do you poke the end of the casing before starting to stuff, then poke each air pocket as you see them develop? Or do you make it a practice to poke every sausage link several times for good measure. Just wondering. [​IMG]

    Maybe I'd better go find something constructive to do while my snack sticks sre doing their thing.
  2. daveomak

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    I poke mine ......after stuffing during link formation. Sometimes I don't get the casing full and have to eliminate big air pockets and redistribute the meat. Someday I'll get better at this.... Until then......they all eat the same and are delish.......Dave
  3. fpnmf

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    I poke after stuffing ...before linking..

    I poke the air pockets and give it general poke the length of it.

    I forget who said it about general pokes,but it had something to do with better smoking...

      Have a great day!!

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  4. smokinal

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    I don't poke mine at all unless there is an air bubble.

    I'm certainly not a sausage pro, only have made sausage a few times,

    but it seems that the less holes the better.

    Is there a reason that there needs to be a lot of holes in the casing?
  5. I only poke if I see a air Bubble.But I dont think a little pokin's a bad thing[​IMG]
  6. smokinal

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  7. nepas

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    I poke the very front of the casing right at the opening of the stuffer tube. This will make the meat stuff right into the casing and eliminate an air pocket.

    Also if you pack your main stuffer canister tight with very few empty spaces you will not have air in the casings.

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