My first smoke went well but

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  1. My first smoke went well with the 30" Masterbuilt electric smoker with blu-tooth....thanks to folks on this forum. However the blu tooth range sucked and and I had to be out in the garage to get my phone to work to control it and the choices on the phone were very limited....I had three temp choices to choose from....75, 270 and 275 degrees....not a lot of choices there. [​IMG]

    I am returning this smoker because of the above reasons.[​IMG]

    What I am looking for now, specifically is an electric smoker with digital control, and a remote that works for a decent distant maybe like 100'. Doesn't need a window or anything fancy. Anyone goat any leads on a smoker like this. I can't seen to find one from Masterbuilt and I was pretty satisfied with the physical quality and design of the bluu-tooth one.

    Any info appreciated.
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    Get a masterbuilt gen one. It comes with a remote that works great. Try Amazon
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    I bought my MES 30 Gen 1 at Cabela's.  Good price.  I'm VERY happy with it.

  4. Score!!!!...Wal Mart....Masterbuilt 30" Electric Smoker with Remote...$238.41 with free shipping!  Cheaper that what I paid for the limited range Blu-Tooth.  Almost identical to the Blue tooth on in all respects  Also manufacturer warranty is only 90 days on these.  Walmart offers 4 year protection plan for $34.00 so I jumped on that too.  Have to wait a week to get delivered but I saved some bucks and will be getting what I want.  Will probably make a pedestal on casters to raise it up higher.  [​IMG]  
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    Get yourself a Mav 733 or equivalent.  Best way to go IMO.

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