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  1. Well for today's lunch. I picked a fresh mator and a couple of jalapenos out of the garden. Made ABT's with my apple smoked bacon stuffed with cream cheese. Sliced fresh mator with kosher salt. Cornish hen with my rub.

    ABT's and hens went on the BGE with lump and a hickory chunk.275° for 1 hour then kicked it up to 325° to crisp up the skin and the bacon. The skin was like eating fried  chicken. Bacon was like skillet fried YUMMY.

    So now is where the problem comes in.

    It is all gone and YOU DON'T GET NONE![​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

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    Looks GOOD Mr mule!    I'm doing a bird tonight but now you got me thinking if it's gonna be hens or not... Things that make you go...hmmmm

    How do you decide  whether to use the BGE, UDS or the MES, Flip a coin?
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  3. Well that is a good question. I also have other toys to use if I need to. For short smokes or when I haven't planned ahead. It is the BGE. I can get it up to temp the fastest. Then the mes doesn't get hot enough for crispy skin. And it eats electric. The UDS is just fun.

    Happy smoken.

  4. Oh and the uds I can put a pan under the meat and catch the drippings for seasoning.
  5. Yes, that is a terrible terrible problem... but not near as big of problem as the fact that you have now made me hungry for yard bird.   [​IMG]   Ya done right good for a mule.  Looks [​IMG]
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    Looks good David, looks like you have all the major food groups covered but you grains. You need either a corn or barley item to round out your plate.
  7. Thanks Miss Chick
  8. Thanks Foam

    Grain and Hops.[​IMG]

  9. I used to have this problem all the time.  Always tasted so good, there was not enough, and too soon, it was all gone.  My solution is to always assume my wife is going to invite all the neighbors in at the last minute and always cook twice as much as I think I need.  Thank god for big chest freezers!
  10. I always over cook


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