MTN Kitcherware stuffer.

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  1. I just have a question of anyone knows.  Is MTN Kitchenware a minority company to someone like Weston?  The reason is I'm thinking of getting the 15 lb stuffer.  I make everything from 20lb batches of snack sticks to to most we've done was 480lbs of pork sausage.  So, the question is parts availability.  does anyone have this type of stuffer and have you had any problems getting parts.  Thanks.  Happy Stuffing!
  2. bmudd14474

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    Not sure if they are like Weston or not. I googled that stuffer and it looks alot like the 11lb Weston I have.

    Are you going to be doing lots of sausage? If so you may want to pony up the bucks for a 30lb one. I know they are a little high but will probably save you time and money in the end.

    If you are concerned about parts then you may want to go with another brand that you know you can get replacements for that way you can put your mind at ease about it.

    Good luck.
  3. When I do the bigger quantities, it's a family thing mixed in with a drinking thing, so time really isn't the issue.  W have the old school 8qt enterprise cast iron stuffer, it's don't its job, now its time to upgrade.  What would the 8qt compare to?  I may just look at something else if i going to make a lateral move.  Thanks
  4. terry colwell

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    Now I have never mad sausage BUTTTT, if I did 480 pounds I think a stuffer bigger then 11 pounder would be in order. Thats like 44 loads,,,, lol
  5. jalan43

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    I really like the look of this stuffer. I have it bookmarked so when I'm ready to order, this is the one I am going to buy!
  6. I bought the weston 11lb stuffer.  the thing is sexy, i cant wait to try it out.  ill post pics when i can.
  7. ron forst

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    I believe the 8 quart Enterprise holds 15 pounds
  8. I'm quite sure that an 8 qt enteprise stuffer doesn't hold 15 lbs.  i make 15 lb batches of snack sticks and i have to load it 2-3 times

    before it is done. 
  9. chef jimmyj

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     I don't own a Enteprise or an MTN but every Advertiser on Ebay and Amazon says a 7L MTN holds 20Lbs of Sausage...And... 7.57L=8Qt, How did your 8 Qt not hold at least 15Lbs? It would have to be 2 Qt to only hold 5Lb...I'm not trying to give you a hard time, I'm just curious if the Ebay guys are misrepresenting how much Sausage a 7L stuffer will hold...JJ
  10. dpeart

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    I have the MTN 15lb (5L) stuffer and it almost holds a 10 pound batch of sausage.  I do have to re-load it to get all the sausage in there.  If I had to guess it will hold about a 9 pound batch.

    I have not had to order parts, and hope I never have to. . .

  11. The enterprise stuffer was origionally a juicer.  You can't put liquid into pounds, it just doesn't work that way.  i'm sure nothing is what it seems, like anything you're paying for quality.
  12. chef jimmyj

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    Thanks Mark...I will not put faith in what the Ad Men say their stuffer holds...JJ
  13. ron forst

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    I do have the 8 quart enterprise and have always believed it holds 15 pounds, I could be wrong next time out I'm going to weigh as I fill 
  14. viper1

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    Well water weighs 8.35 lbs to a gallon. So that's about 2.09 to a quart. so a 8 qt. should hold 16 .7o lbs.
  15. chef jimmyj

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     Yep...Water, Juice, Milk and Ground Meat all weigh About the same per Quart...8Qt will hold atleast 15Lbs taking the weight of Fat and any air pockets in to consideration...JJ

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