Mods to my Oky Joe's Longhorn Smoker..thoughts welcome

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by flakeyone, Sep 22, 2012.

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    I just acquired a Oklahoma Joe's Longhorn from Lowe's for $200. Got a deal due to a dent in the unit which I am repairing. I have been reading and decided since repairs are in progress I may as well get after some mods. I decided to upgrade exhaust flue to 4" from 3" and have installed it below the grate level. I am moving the 3" flue to the fire box side for relief purposes, perhaps heat or smoke needs some venting and thought this would be a benefit instead of having to open fire box. I still need a tuning plate (from what I read, this is worthwhile). I will also build a charcoal grate. I have plenty of work remaining to do on her before I start cooking and I welcome any thoughts anyone has on these particular units and modifications. Is the tuning plate as beneficial as I have read?
  2. I had an offset a while back and I did mod it with a tuning plate to distribute the heat/smoke.  I think it helped but I still wasn't happy so moved on.  I didn't realize the OK Joe needed many mods.

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