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  1. I now have the unit lined and am ready for heat. I would like to use electric and maybe an Amazen smoke generator. Anyone have any suggestions? It measures right at 40 cubic feet. 
  2. A lot of people us this 1500w element with pretty good success

  3. Thanks Pappa Pig.Those may work. From the research I've been doing I will need between 5000 and 6000 watts and it looks like I will have to have more than 1 element. Sausage maker has a 5000 watt kit but it's controller tops out at 250 degrees. It is also drawing in outside air continuously. Cookshack has a smoker with 4 1500 watt elements but they don't sell the elements to cooker builders. I'm still looking,maybe time to think propane but I would rather not.
  4.  Is receptical plug in part available for it, what I mean the receptacle  thing the coils plug into? Have you looked at controllers? I seen these at http://www.etcsupply.com/   Do you plan on using a smoke generator or something like an Amazin tube?
  5. You could wire a cord with a plug on it if you want. I plan o using a pid controller with either a solid state relay or a relay contactor, whichever I have at the time. And yes, a AMNPS is definitely what I'm using.
  6. I have been looking at the PIDs from Auberon but didn't see one that would handle that kinda of wattage. I'm sure there is one out there I just haven't dug deep enough to find it yet.

    I saved some more stainless from shredder this morning and got a pretty good deal on it.Thanks for all your help so far.
  7. I'm not sure what exact product you were looking at, but a pid controller is used as a triggering device to supply power to the element, the pid controls either a solid state relay or a contactor which then feeds power to the element. The wattage of the element shouldn't matter unless you are looking ate plug in unit.
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    as Pappa just said.. the PID only controls the relay... the actual power supply to the heat element goes through that relay... so the power to the heat element doesn't come from the PID itself...

    to both... myself I use the SSR (solid state relay)... the relay contacter is ether full on or off... meaning the heat element will have full power when PID tells it to turn on... so your temps work just like an oven... shoots past target temp then turns off... falls below target temp then turns on.... with SSR it holds it at exact target temp by turning on/off several times a second ... hope this sheds a little light

    Also Clayt... what is it that you have lined... (ie. smokehouse... fridge.. freezer... ) not much info here to help
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  9. Thanks JckDanls, That clears up A LOT. I also looked up how they work and now I get it. I posted a photo above so you can get an idea, not sure why it's a download. But anyway it is lined with 18 ga stainless with aluminum diamond grid on floor,ceiling and inside of the doors. It all came down to what I could get for the least money but would still look decent. It is insulated with 3 1/2 inch rock wool in the walls, floor and ceiling. It will be reduced to 1 1/2 in the doors. I am planning on a 4 to 6 in chimney with damper.

    I have another piece of stainless to put in above the element formed to act as the drip try. 
  10. I am looking at gaskets for the doors and need just under 30 ft. http://www.bbqgaskets.com  has black nomex Fire Black125 or nomex /super 77. The better choice looks like the nomex option they sell for the Big Green Egg. Those kits are 15 ft. and run about $15 x 2 $30 plus shipping. Checking the threads I see a few have used it. What have you used?
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