Looking for a way to pass themo leads through the hood and plug a hole

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    I have a Brinkmann TMLE offset smoker.  One of the problems with the design is the temperature differentials, so I drilled a couple of holes down at the bottom of the cooking chamber door, and I installed grate-level dial thermometers.

    Since then, I have gone digital, and there is a difference between the temp in the middle of the grill grate vs. the edge, so the dial thermos are pretty useless.  I'm planning to remove them, and plug the holes.  What I'm wondering is if anyone has some ideas on a silicon plug or some other type of soft material "gasket" so I can pass the wires for the thermos out of the lid and seal the hole.

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    I f I am reading this correctly you want to plug the holes up but use them for wired leads. If so You can use a rubber grommet.

    Rubber grommets should be fine on a smoke chamber door.

    How big are the holes.
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    Grommets would work, but I need something that will hold up to the heat.  The holes are about 3/8" to 1/2" in size.
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  6. Look up McMaster-Carr. They have EVERYTHING you could ever need for anything.


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    Manufactured to meet MIL-G-3036 and MS-35489 (unless noted), these grommets are also AN (Army-Navy) approved. They insulate and seal around holes cut into panels, while damping vibration and minimizing abrasion. Durometer hardness is 50A.

    Flexible grommets are made of Buna-N rubber, have a temperature range of 0° to 250° F, and are black in color. Use indoors.

    High-temperature flexible grommets are silicone with a temperature range of –60° to +500° F. Color is red-orange. Use indoors and outdoors.

    ditto sparky

    Grommet Link to McMaster Carr
  8. I am considering doing the exact same thing with passing the lead wires through a grommeted hole in the body of the smoker.  Google "silicone grommet" and you will find grommets suitable for hi-temp applications.
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    Cork works great to seal holes in smokers...i have it this application and also in another smoker where i needed to plug a hole. http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/140549/maverick-owners-probe-eyelet-solution-sealed
  10. I just went on eBay and got  a couple  tubes of RTV 650F Red Silicon Adhesive smoker sealer for about $7 each free shipping.....


  11. Best source - Grommet Link to McMaster Carr. you can also get silicon plugs to block the holes when not in use.  Try using high temp silicon plugs used for powder coating - possibly from Eastwood. 

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