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    Think I have some inaccurate info. What is a good internal for the following meats: Brisket flats & whole, pork loin, whole chicken, beef short ribs & lamb? One book I read has an internal temp on brisket @ 190 degrees. Any help is appreciated.
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    Most of your wireless therms have that info built in so you don't have to look it up all the time. [​IMG]
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    There you go.
  5. Ask and you shall revieve answers   [​IMG]
  6. Ask and you will get answers[​IMG]
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    Piney's chart covered what you wanted except Pork Loin and Lamb. I don't know times, someone will fill in the missing info, but cook Pork Loin to 145*-150*F for a juicy product. For Lamb 130*F for Med Rare, 140*F for Medium, 150*F for Med Well, 160*F for Well done and 200*F to Pull it. Hope this helps...JJ
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