I need a sweet and smoky recipe

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  1. I need a recipe for for a sweet and smoky bar-b-que sauce. I'm not a big fan of really hot sauces just something that has that sweet and smoky flavor. Thanks in advance.
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    I would highly recommend Jeffs sauce recipe that can be purchased from this site along with his rub recipe. Both are excellent. You can easily tweek either recipe to your liking but they are both super just as is.
    Jeffs bbq sauce is a sweet smoky type sauce I think it may be what you are looking for. [​IMG]
  3. How do I purchase it? I'm a newbie to this site and thanks for the info[​IMG]
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    Monte's spot on (again). Jeff recipe is great and my being a heat wuss, I had to cut back on the cayenne. My bride likes it better than store bought, duh!
  5. Thanks[​IMG]

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