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Discussion in 'Pork' started by matts, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. matts

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    How much finishing sauce should be added for pulled pork.  I will be doing 4 butts and a shoulder this weekend and found some great sounding finishing sauces here but dont know how much to add.  Is there a rough guide line for a 7 lb butt?


  2. solaryellow

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    I usually leave it on the side and let folks put on as much or as little as they want.
  3. matts

    matts Smoking Fanatic

    Since I will have a ton of pulled, I planned on making a plain batch and a batch with finishing sauce.
  4. cliffcarter

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    Depends on the sauce and your taste. I use roxy's S.C. Mustard Sauce, about a 1/4 cup or so, along with a couple heaping tablespoons of turbinado sugar and a good dusting of rub to finish. I serve a tangy tomato based sauce on the side.
  5. mballi3011

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    When I'm doing pulled pork for a party or something like that I always do some with the drippings and then some with a couple different sauces that I have made from here. There are alot of really good sauces out here to be had. I like one Jerry (pineywoods) gave me and then then is a red sauce that ShootRick makes that is really god too. Then you can serve some on the side and folks can add more of their choosing to their meal. 
  6. deannc

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    Matt, if you are going to try Jeff's (SoFlaQuer) finishing sauce, he recommends half or less of 1 batch to 8 or 10 lbs of meat.  It's in post 19 of the following link   I tried his finishing sauce last weekend and it was excellent! It's not like a hot & spicy burn your tongue sauce, but one that really makes the taste pop (if that makes any sense! lol)  My wife was afraid to use it all my q last weekend, but after tasting it, she wanted it on all 9 lbs! And as the others have said, you can leave it in a bottle on the side to add on.  I didn't even use a half of the recipe amount on mine and it was great!  I divided my butt into two roaster pans and put out one with just the cooking juices from the foil and then one with the finishing sauce.  Both were great!  Good luck and post some Qview!
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  7. dick foster

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    One doesn't add finishing sauce to the pork at any time during the cook or the pull. It's put on the table and added by the person eating the Q according to taste. I think that's why it's called FINISHING sauce. 
  8. deannc

    deannc Master of the Pit

    Guess it could be considered FINISHING sauce because it's the final step before serving.  And can also be served on the side.  Of course everyone has their preferences when it comes to smokin and it's done differently not only all over the country but even from one side a state to the other.  I know here in Eastern NC, a FINISHING sauce is usually used before serving.  Dick, here's ya a video by Mike Hedrick here in Eastern NC...using FINISHING sauce of all things. [​IMG]
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  9. ryanhoelzer

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    Here's a pretty good definition.

    A term commonly applied to mixtures that are served over various foods either as it finishes cooking or for use after it is served.

    Personally, I always thought of it as basting during the last part of cooking, with the sauce carmelizing as the meat is done.  Putting it on after cooking is more like a use of condiment to me..
  10. dick foster

    dick foster Smoking Fanatic

    I noticed that old boy that was supposed to be showing how to do a NC BBQ in that video was using sugar in his finishing sauce. He must be somebody they slipped in from out of state to be using sugar like that. Maybe even Texas, you know how they are. That was a real tip off and a dead give away right there. LOL 

    When I grew up in NC, at all the BBQ places in Lexington, Graham and Burlington NC and Cheraw SC etc. the finishing sauce was always in squeeze bottles on the tables.

    They didn't put anything in or on the meat before you got it but rub, smoke and heat and that's the way I still do it and the only way I like it. There was no mopin, spritzin, sprayin, or goopin with gooey goop of any kind or any other kinda foolishness like that goin on either. If you wanted it ruined, you had to ruin it all by yourself.

    This is a lot like putting ketchup on hot dogs. It just ain't done by people who have any respect at all for hot dogs.

    Are we gonna talk pizza now? That should get all the Yankees good and stirred up. Thin crust, thick crust..... etc. etc.  LOL
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