How many BBR on a UDS at one time?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by brian s, Apr 1, 2010.

  1. I am nearing completion of my first UDS. I plan to use it to smoke baby back ribs for around 20 people this coming Sunday (Easter). I have 15 racks sitting in the fridge right now. I bought a Traeger 8 slot rib rack and another that holds 6. My question is not whether they'll fit because I know they will with the racks I have. The question is will it work with that many at once?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. badfrog

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    Brian, I can't answer your question (my UDS will have its "test flight" this weekend also). I am curious to hear the answers from the folks with UDS experience...
  3. mballi3011

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    Now I don't have a UDS but if the smoke can get to the ribs they should cook just fine and you should be alright as far as I know. I cann't see any reasaon it might take a little longer but then you have the same heat source you should be fine and the time should be the same. And there are my pennies on the subject.
  4. As long as you can keep the temps up (which you should be able to) you should be fine. I smoke all the time with both of my grates full of meat and my ribs on the top still turn out great.
  5. I agree, keeping the temp up will be the key. I have been using my newly constructed UDS a lot lately and heavily loaded. Not having any problems at all.
  6. Well I just finished drilling the holes for the grates and draft door. A buddy of mine is welding together the charcoal basket for me today. I'll let everyone know how it works out.
  7. What are you making for a draft door? I take it you are doing something different than the usual 4 holes in the bottom 3 with caps and 1 with a ball valve. I thought about cutting a door in the bottom so you can add wood and what not but the more research I did I found that most people say it can be a pain in the butt to get the door to seal and then you are fighting with your temps all the time. Also after using mine for a a while now I realize that I don't need access to the basket if you fill it you don't have to worry about having to add fuel to it. They really do last a long time depending on the size of your basket.
  8. I am using stainless BGE draft door. My drum is stainless too.
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    As long as the grates aren't loaded too full, it should work fine. You need a little bit of open space in the grates for airflow. Rib Racks should work really well as long as you can leave a little space in between and along the sides

    You don't really need a door. In fact if it isn't sealed well, you will have a hard time controlling temps. Three intake holes as rbranstner described and a sizable charcoal basket will give you 16 hours plus at 250°. No need to reload or add any fuel or wood during a smoke.

  10. Thanks Dave but the draft door (BGE air intake vent) is already installed. I'm not sure you understand what it is so here's some pictures.

    And here are the rib racks. The first picture is the Traeger the second is a different brand.
  11. Ooooohhhhhh!!!! That's purty!!!!!
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    You're right, I didn't understand. I thought you were talking about a much larger door for reloading charcoal etc.[​IMG]

    Thanks for the pics and might I add that looks SWEET!

    [​IMG]on the draft door. And I would bet you'll be fine for air flow if you can load the rib racks like you have them pictured.

  13. Where did you get the BGE door? Can you order replacements? Let us know how that works.
  14. ecto1

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    Wait a minute I thought they were supposed to be ugly drum smokers that belongs in a museum.
  15. That thing is like the super uds!!! please post pics of the build in the smoker builds page when you have time, that is a nice looking smoker you made!![​IMG]
  16. I agree that thing looks great!!! Keep us posted on how it works. Are you going to leave it stainless or paint it. Good job!
  17. meateater

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    That's "Lord Of The UDS's" right there. Stainless to last a lifetime and a cool intake to boot. I think that those racks will accomplish what you are planning, no problemo. Remember the Qview! [​IMG]
  18. As long as it fits, the temps should be fine. I recently smoked 42lbs of shoulder in mine. Had to rotate frequently due to the temp. differential from top to bottom.
  19. Good to know. I have 40 lbs. of BBRs going into the smoke tomorrow [​IMG].

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