How did you come up with your screen name?

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    You ain't lying brother!
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    My kids dubbed me Zilla many years ago. I was a little dismayed cause I don't think I'm anything like Godzilla. They told me "Zilla" means "the biggest, the baddest, and the best" and told me to check some urban word directory on the Internet. Not sure if it is true but the name stuck and over the years has evolved to "The Zil". So, that is me...the biggest, the baddest, and the best! BTW - this is the name I want on my tombstone. Lol
  3. Hey, i enjoy hearing everyones creative names. Mine is fairly simple.. Magel is my last name, and 225 is the temperature I usually smoke trout in. I thought it was fitting for SMF.
  4. My name, Palladini, was given to me by my employer, over 30 years ago.
  5. My beard when I grow it turn a nice shade of copper like a new penny. Odd since my hair is darker brown
  6. Two of my best friends chose mine, My Mom and Dad
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  8. Not that I am aware of. If I am it's a tiny ammount
  9. Well I was a partner in one of the top Haunts in the country located here in Chi -Town so alot of people called me Reaper because that was part of the name and I Took up Smoking food about 4 years ago
  10. When I was born my name was Damien, like the kid in the movie the Omen. My dad changed my name, but when some of the guys in my unit found out, they started calling me Omen, especially if something bad happened. I was in the Marine Corps, so when I needed a gmail handle and all the others I tried were unavailable, this is the one that stuck.
  11. Years ago I watched the, movie The Adventures Of Robin Hood (1938), starring Errol Flynn,I like the idea of a knight that championed the common people. Well to make a long story short, Prince John and Sir Guy conspired to kill King Richard and would elevate Dickon to a knight (Sir Dickon) if he killed King Richard.  Well, that did'nt happen, and I became Sirwill.

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    I don't get it.....
  13. I never had it in the first place.  :)
  14. The last company I worked for I used to point at stuff that I didn't know the normanclature for, and they said I pointed, like a dog, a Birddog.  The 1148 is because I served in the 148th Infantry
  15. Great history behind your screen name and thanks for your service to the country!!!!  The U.S.A  will stay strong because of the men and women like you that serve!
  16. ChiefUSN, I use HM12ENS for everything, didn't even realize i didn't use it here.   I have a good friend that just retired at PAX, Senior Chief George Hoy, I had the honor of being his retiring officer. 

    If it were not for a HMC I wouldn't have made it past my first four years, I have alot of respect for the Good Chiefs out there.
  17. Mine is pretty easy D is the first letter of my first name and PROFFITT is my last name
  18. I got mine in '74 at the start of the CB craze.  I was a young State Trooper, back then we were  'Patrolman', and we needed a handle to talk on the CB.  I tried to figure out something that made sense and then I remembered the 'winged wheel' on the side of the patrol cars and the 'spinningwheel' was born.  I worked with 'meatball', 'halloween wagon', 'smoke', 'gorp', 'rosebud' and a few others out of the Medina post for 11 years.

  19. Only thing I could say here is... Well Duh. [​IMG]
  20. I was given the nickname Griz many (too many) years ago when I was in college at UW Oshkosh. Four of us were sharinf a house, two guys named Mike and two named John. That wasn't working so we decided to give eachother nicknames. I have always been a big guy and have had a full beard for a long long time, which earned me the name Griz. I started adding the Mr a few years back when Griz wasn't available as a screen name.

    Instead of Mike, Mike, John and John we became Eagle, Fish, Buckwheat and Griz. Just to make it more interesting, me and the other Mike both started dating girls named Michelle, who we both ended up marrying.

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