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Discussion in 'Pork' started by trailsend, Jan 11, 2015.

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    Just put the cure on a boston butt.  Half cup of tender quick, half cup of brown sugar, rub on the butt, cut in half and bone removed.  Let set four days and dump off the excess liquid, flip upside down and let set another 3 days.  coat with honey or maple syrup, smoke at 200 degrees until an IT of 140 degrees.  Cool and slice.  Got this recipe from my uncle, who got it from someone else, if it came from someone on here thanks.  I have made it before with Honey, tasted more like ham, with the maple syrup more like bacon, either way it was good.
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    Around here we call that "Buckboard Bacon", and the amount of Tender Quick should be measured a bit more precise, and it takes a little longer to cure to center.

    Here's one with half Buckboard Bacon & half Pulled Butt Ham:

    Buckboard Bacon and Pulled Cured Boston Butt Ham       

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    I have to go with Bear on this one. Some of the old ways of doing things aren't as safe as they should be.

  4. I would read up on the use of cure. What you're doing is possible but use too little cure and you could grow a colony of bad bacteria. Use too much and you could kill yourself or others.
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    I read the link to the post above, maybe I am not reading it right but what is the finished IT when you make the buckboard bacon?
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    I take mine to at least 145°, so it's ready to eat. That way I can eat it cold, or just warm it up before eating (my favorite way), instead of having to take the chance of burning it in a pan, while making sure to fry it to at least 145°. Buckboard Bacon is relatively lean & easily burnt. I do the same thing for Canadian Bacon.

    Pork only has to go to 145° to be safe to eat.

    Belly Bacon I don't go by IT. I go for nice color & flavor that goes with it. Usually about 10 hours in a 100° to 130° smoker.

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  7. I smoke mine to 145° internal  temp.  140° for regular belly bacon.CF
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    One other questions about the above mentioned link.  Do you flip it at all and do you dump the excess fluid at all?
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    I can't speak for Bear, but when I dry rub cure bacon, or other meats, I flip and massage daily. Do not drain the liquids. They contain cure and will get absorbed into the meat.
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    Exactly What Case Said !![​IMG]

    I think I often forget to mention that in my Step by Steps---------"Bad Bear"!!

  11. I'll be learning from ya'll on curing


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