High heat Italian smoked chickens

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by richoso1, Aug 27, 2009.

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    High Heat Smoked Italian Chicken

    I got this idea of real high heat chicken from ReeksLikeSmoke, I usually smoke my birds at 375° for 2 hrs., and then cut back to 300° until internal temp hits 165 then I sometimes foil.
    I rubbed a robust Italian dressing on two birds that were about 4 lbs. each and let them sit in the fridge for about 5 hrs. The ambient temperature was 104° outside, and inside the GOSM it was 135° ( see pic)_before I started it up, yes it is a hot day in SoCali. I then put the chickens into the GOSM at 2 pm, at that time the GOSM was at 430°, and the coffee can had RO lump mixed with some mesquite.
    I basted them with the same dressing every hour. At 2 hrs. into the smoke, I used a meat probe into the thighs and the internal temp was156 °. I removed the birds when internal temp hit 168°. They birds came out very moist, in spite of the high heat and no brine.
    I didn’t get a chance for a plated pic, Gloria didn’t want anyone to wait any longer to eat. I get no respect you know. Thanks for checking my Q for the day.
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    Looks Good Rich...
  3. cajunsmoke13

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    Awesome looking birds Richoso...Nice job [​IMG]
  4. rivet

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    Those are some tasty looking birdies! Thanks for sharin'
  5. irishteabear

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    Nice looking chickens, Rich. [​IMG]
  6. mikey

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    You can replace those yardbirds with some Foster Farms chickens at Stator Bros through Sept. 1 for $.69 lb. which is an xlnt score!
  7. ronp

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    Looks great Rich, whatever you paid for them, doesn't matter.
    Thanks for sharing.

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