Hello from sunny CA!!!

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  1. hey guys and gals!

    The name is Steve. I'm born and raised in CA here in L.A.. just bought myself a Masterbuilt Pro because one of my bucket list items is to smoke bbq my own meats for friends and family. 

    i know absolutely nothing about smoking besides what research i have done online, and if anything more questions have arisen that answers.

    brisket- fat side up or down?

    is it ok to cook 3 briskets at a time?

    when measuring temp, do i check center? hi? low? 

    meat placement. going to do attempt 3 briskets and a pork shoulder. how do i arrange?


    I've already seasoned the smoker per instructions of manufacturer. any help and advised is appreciated.
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    Hi Steve!

    [​IMG]   to SMF!

    Glad to have you aboard!

    Use the search & type in "brisket".

    A ton of threads will come up.


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