Hello! 1st smoker for Father's Day!

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by bulkman, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. Checking in here.  I've been grilling for over 25 years, but never had a smoker.  Used plenty of wood chips over the years to get smoked flavor, but always wanted a smoker.  So my wife bought me the Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel for Father's Day that I had been wanting for months.

    I'd read a bunch on here & a few other sites, so we bought some pork spareribs with brisket.  After seasoning the smoker, & applying a homemade rub we use often, I decided to leave the brisket attached instead of cutting it away.

    Temps got a little higher than I planned, about 275 deg. F., but I just decided to reduce the time on my 3-2-1 planned cook & make it a 2-1.5.  My wife, daughter & I thought they were the best ribs I've ever done.  Meat was very tender, juicy, but not quite falling off the bone.  The rub just melted into the meat.  I also went against what most people say to use for wood when smoking pork:  I used mesquite because I love the flavor profile it gives.  Also threw some brats on & they were great as well.  Overall, pretty good for a 1st smoke.  Sorry I don't have photos, I completely forgot to take any.

    Next up, maybe a beef brisket this weekend.


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    Welcome, glad ya joined us ! Congrats on the new toy Chuck, can't wait to see some pics (Q view) of your smokes outta that bad boy ! Thumbs Up
  3. Hey Chuck, good morning and welcome. Congrats on the new smoker and your success 

    Gary S
  4. Thanks guys!  I plan to put this smoker through a workout!

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