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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by jsanders, Nov 24, 2009.

  1. jsanders

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    First off, I have other smokers and grills. I am looking for something to put down at the lake cabin. I have ruled out electric but was close to pulling the trigger on a GOSM but haven't yet. Now I've been looking at the traeger, the smallest one they have. Saying that just made me think it may not be big enough for ribs, butts, shoulders and briskets. Anyone know? Most say gas isn't real smoking and I'm not sure I disagree but I'm looking for convenience. Is a traeger the way to go or the GOSM? All input will be appreciated.[​IMG]
  2. pineywoods

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    The best one is the one you like the best [​IMG] People turn out good Q on electric, propane, charcoal, and wood smokers so its kinda a matter of which suits you the best. I have a GOSM and like it I also have a Lang and like it but they are very different in the amount of time spent tending them. My GOSM is very close to set and forget the Lang is not. Personally I think the food off the Lang is better but sometimes its just easier to use the GOSM
  3. garyt

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    Amen, I have a lang also and a Gas Hollow No5, it is just how much time you want to spend tending your cooker, what else is going on and for me how damn cold it outside.
  4. carpetride

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    Tell the Traeger dealer to give you a demonstration and see if you like the flavor. I like mine but prefer 100% pellets vs. the one bagged for Traeger. Piney said it right the one that makes you happy is the right one. Me I'm not much of a gas fan unless I need high heat.
  5. springer

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    I have a Traeger and it is plenty big for ribs. ( I can do four full racks ) shoulders...etc. Doing a turkey on one tomorrow. I could easily fit two 15lbs in there.
  6. chisoxjim

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    Ive never had an electric, but I have eaten bbq off of them, and they do ok.

    I have no opinion about the pellet smokers, never used one, and I have never eaten anything off one.

    I bought a GOSM gasser about 3 months ago, and it does a pretty good job, it is easy to use, and holds a steady temp, but the bbq it produced was missing something imho. Once I fire up the WSM I will still probably use it for ABT's(I thought it did a great job on them), and when I have bigger parties, and need to have a larger yield.

    With the above ssaid I am going back to lump, and wood chunks and got a 18.5" WSM recently. Loved the loaner I had this past summer, and wanted one ever since.

    Good luck with your choice.
  7. If your considering a Traeger, you might want to check out this brand as well.

    I have been researching these hardwood pellet smokers for a while and they are on my list. Just another option for ya. I know i saw a tread on here recently about someone who purchased a green moutain and loved it.
  8. greendrake

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    I am doing 16 racks at once tomorrow on my Traeger Texas, absolutely love my Traeger, can't cook on it enough.

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