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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by bishop916, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. Went over to my other email address, for kicks, - saw a log from FreeCycle posted, .. decided to check it out... and ended up with...

    a FREE ECB!

    If anyone could point me in the right direction for some good ECB mods that would be great! (edit: I would search the term, but if you knew how many times the term ECB has been mentioned, you would get my drift.. )
  2. Picture of the score - not too bad for ZERO dollars!
  3. bbqgoddess

    bbqgoddess Master of the Pit OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Super score!!
    I have to get on that freecycle!!
  4. pineywoods

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    I can't help ya with mods but that certainly was a nice score. Good looking unit
  5. guvna

    guvna Smoking Fanatic

    good find Bishop!!! the ECB is a P.O.S. but it will make great que if constantly attended to. the first thing you need to do is transfer the legs from the inside to the outside. that way you can get to the fire pan without trouble. second, drill some holes in it (the pan) so the fire can breathe. the thing that sucks about the ecb is that you cant control the temp via air dams. but, the good thing is, that, after a few uses you will know exactly how much charcoal you will need for a given cook time/temp. on pretty much any vertical smoker. once you master the ecb, you will know way more about fire control than 90% of the folks posting in the propane and electric forums. i've decided to go propane after using the ecb, but don't let anyone tell you it's inferior.
  6. Nah I'm not worried about it - I got the Chargriller for big smokes, this is something that I can take camping... I had one like 12 years ago lol, and used to smoke turkey and such - its all good

  7. Check out Jeff's lattest newletter
    This is what it all about
    Great find
  8. richtee

    richtee Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    If you search the charcoal smokers forum only with "ECB mods" in thread titles, about 50 hits show up, about half relative.
  9. packplantpath

    packplantpath Smoking Fanatic

    Drill holes in the firepan, but don't use it on the deck afterwords.

    Is second moving the legs to the outside of the ECB.

    Then, put legs on the firepan. Long bolts work great, if a bit wobbly.

    This way, to replenish fuel, just pick up the whole unit, and the firepan stays on the ground. Be careful not to dump the water pan.

    Ah, heck. Go here and read:
  10. sumosmoke

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    What a coincidence!! The July SMF newsletter is dedicated to ECB Mods!!! Shoot me a PM with your email address and I'd be happy to forward these on. Nice score!! Nothing better than FREE!!
  11. ytsejam

    ytsejam Newbie

    All I have done with mine, is drilled 5 1/4 inch holes in the charcoal pan.
    When using the grill i fill the charcoal pan with about half a load of lit charcoal at the beginning of the cook, then I put the extra grill grate on top of the charcoal pan, and put about half a load of charcoal/wood on that. From there, whenever I load more charcoal/wood, i put it on the grate above the pan, that way it is not smoldering in its ashes, as the ashes fall through. When I discovered this trick, it made using the machine much easier. Also, don't trust the warm, ideal, hot thermometer. I used to chase that needle all day trying to get it in the ideal spot. Then I got a regular oven thermometer and set it on the cooking rack, and discovered that 250 degrees is just a hair above the warm spot.

    I am sure there are better smokers, but I love mines [​IMG]
  12. howufiga

    howufiga Meat Mopper

    Yeah, the warm ideal and hot thermometer stinks. I got a smoker thermometer on Ebay. It works great. I put a charcoal grate in mine. Check the link below. Just the charcoal grate alone made a HUGE difference. I could smoke for a solid 5 hours.
  13. All great ideas and thanks for the responses.
    That IS funny that the newsletter adresses this very thing!
    (I remembered reading it when it was mentioned lol)...

    I'm going to have to get busy on that... looks like I'll soon be taking my smoked foods on the go!
  14. waysideranch

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    You bet. Good score. Never enough smokers. They even smell good.

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