For All New to Low & Slow Cooking, Smoking Meats

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    I felt a sense of urgency in getting everyone's attention regarding FOOD SAFETY, as it seems we may have had a lapse in stressing this from time to time.

    We may not always remember to remind everyone new to the craft of smoking meats to be sure they read the Food Safety Forum threads found here:  

    I feel it is vital that our new members and any guests who may not have joined yet become familiar with the general guidelines for safe food handling and the additional precautions used when cooking with the low & slow method as with smoking meats.

    If everyone would please review these guidelines occasionally to keep ourselves on the straight and narrow, and also, remind others to do the same. New members, especially, would greatly benefit from this knowledge.

    Thank you all so very much!

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    Good to bring this up on occasion to remind us. [​IMG]
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    Thanks Eric

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