First packer this weekend; Question about heating source

Discussion in 'Beef' started by codysimon, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, I went to Costco here in KC on the weekend and saw that they had USDA Prime Packers for $3.50/lb so I had to pick up a few just for safe keeping as I have done Pulled Pork, Chicken, Ribs, Chuck Roasts, and Turkey with better than good results.  I am working on a 22.5 Weber Kettle with the IQ 120 and know that it can hold 250+ with no problem for over 7 hours with Kingsford Blue and chunks for smoking.  But with the packer I selected being at about 10lb. pre-trimmed, I am assuming that I will be looking at an 11+ hour smoke if I don't crutch it (which I don't intend on doing since time is not a factor as it is not set for a meal on Sunday, just for fun/future meals);

    My question is:

    Since it is a kettle and the only way to replenish fuel is to open the lid, add a whole bunch more air, and tack an extra 15 min. to the cook time for recovery, Would using logs provide similar amount of  heat for longer than filling the same area with Kingsford charcoal while not producing too much smoke that it would negatively impact the flavor of the meat? 

    I would be using cured Red Oak as the logs, as I am sure the type of wood matters.

    I am excited to hear your theories.
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    I've done long smokes in my 22" Kettle.... Look into setting it up indirect with the Minion Method!
    Just my 2 cents !
  3. I've done long smokes as well on it using the minion method and it works fine, the IQ120 is awesome, I also have some sheet metal setup to act as a heat shield, I just know that there is a smaller margin of error for brisket than for pulled pork and so any opportunity to reduce the amount of time that the lid is off is something that I would like to do.  So I just wanted to know if wood alone was more efficient than charcoal, which as I type this makes me think that since charcoal is carbonized wood it wouldn't be...

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