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  1. So my stuffer showed up and it is a monster pics to come tomorrow when I put it to use but I have a few questions before the work begins.  I plan on doing a 15lb batch from HiMTN with 10 beef and 5 pork I have an arm roast and the rest is all pre ground from the local butcher.  Would there be any issue with running the arm roast through the hand grinder  to go with the rest of the meat.  I don't see any issue but figure I would ask.  

    My plan is to grind and mix in the am on Wed. then into fiber casings in the pm and smoke starting thur night. 
  2. Give us a report on your stuffer.  I'm getting in the market for one.

    And to answer your Q.  I think a hand grind would be just fine with the shop ground.  Look at the texture of whats coming from the shop and try to match the plate size.  Is all I can think of.
  3. I ground an arm roast and mixed it with pre ground meat, just don't grind the pre ground too small or it may become mush. 
  4. Everything is mixed up and sitting for a few more hours before I will stuff it and then start smoking tomorrow afternoon.  I ended up grinding the arm roast and mixed into the rest of the pre-ground meat turned out just fine.  I added some mustard seed and about 5 TBS of whole ground mustard otherwise it was direct from the package.

    As for the stuffer I will write some more about it in smoking gadgets forum that I have already started. 


    Link for you guys.
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    let the waiting games begin :)
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    We just got a new one like this as well but haven't tried it yet.  Let us know what you think of it.  If SS in your title means summer sausage I'd say you might have a little too much pork in the mix.  Our Summer Sausage recipe has 6 lb Pork for 19 lb Beef for a 25 lb batch.  Good luck.

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