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  1. I'm a recent smoked meat convert. I was itching to do some beef having already done St. Louis style ribs, turkey breast, and a pork loin. We had a top round roast sitting in the freezer and I had decided to give it a whirl. This one was an effort on the edge and I was a bit nervous about smoking it as I read the issues about over cooking and the inherent toughness of the cut of meat.

    I will document how I prepared the roast and some before and after pics. I approached it as kind of prepping a "mini brisket" so I can get a feel of doing the real thing.

    I started with a 3.5lb eye round. I trimmed the fat cap so it was approximately 1/4" thick, scored the fat cap cutting in a checkerboard pattern (about 1/2" squares) just deep enough so you can see the red meat. Then rubbed EVOO into the meat.

    I then liberally sprinkled the beef with some dry rub which I created. It is a version of BILBO rub with a few additions and some proportion changes. I call it #1 Beef Rub. Not that it is an "ego" thing to name it, but I like to number them so when I concoct the recipe, I record the ingredients and proportions. And, since this is my first beef rub, I called it #1.

    #1 Beef Rub
    1/4 cup - Paprika
    6T - Brown Sugar
    4T - Garlic Powder
    3T - Kosher Salt
    2T - Onion Powder
    2T - Chili Powder
    1T - Ground Black Pepper
    1T - Colman's Mustard Powder
    1t - Cumin
    1t - Cayenne Pepper
    1t - Celery Seed

    After coating, I wrapped the meat in plastic wrap and placed in the fridge for 24hrs.

    The next day i unwrapped the meat and let it rest at room temperature for about 20 minutes.

    My plan was to wrap it in bacon to help keep it moist while it smoked. But, we inadvertently picked up a maple flavored bacon as opposed to regular hickory smoked. I figured let me give it a shot, it was only an experiment so to speak. So, I wrapped it and added some rub to the bacon.

    I prepped the smoker, using the minion method, a full pan of water with some rub added to it and 4 chunks of dry mesquite (my first attempt with mesquite). Once the WSM settled to about 240 I placed the roast on the grate. I have a great digital thermometer with remote capability. I nervously settled in and watched the meat as I relaxed in my backyard with my wife.

    After about 2 hours, I pulled the roast at 140, wrapped it loosely in foil, less than a full wrap, but more than a tent. After about 25 minutes I nervously unwrapped it expecting the worst.

    It looked good and smelled even better! My wife than began to cut the roast.

    We were amazed at how juicy it was, and the accidental addition of the maple flavored bacon made the roast an accidental success! At the end of the meal, we were fighting over sopping up the juice!
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    Looks like you nailed it ! Juicy, mouthwatering goodness! Well done and thanks for the q-view!   [​IMG]
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    That looks great! I have an eye round in my freezer and now you have me thinking about it!
  4. Thanks very much!

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