exhaust placement?

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    Im sure this question has been asked many times, so i appologize for adding to it. But my time is limited. I am doing a custom build and am trying to find the different inputs about putting the exhaust at grate height or close to the top. I have the means of making an adjustable height if that will be the best. Just want some inputs. Thank you and sorry for a repeated question
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    We don't normally talk politics or religion in these forums.

    For some, this is a matter of religion.

    Truth is, it makes little difference if any.

    The "high stack" folks warn against "stale smoke", however the smoke and heat are dynamic, constantly moving, so there is no possibility of stale smoke. There is no area in the cook chamber in which the air/heat/smoke is not moving.

    The "low stack" folks argue for maximum exposure of the meat to the smoke rather than letting it escape out the top before imparting its smoky goodness to the meat. In reality, there is only smoke entering the cook chamber. There are no static pockets of fresh air at grate level to ruin your cook.

    The important thing is to ensure your stack drafts well.

    Whether the stack is high or low, the same amount of smoke will pass pretty much uniformly through the cook chamber to create magic on your meat before it exits either high or low.


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