Do I need fresh ribs for smoking?

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by tacosmcgee, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. tacosmcgee

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    I have moved to the Winston Salem NC area and have only found meat stores with ribs that were vacuum packed from an outside company. These are likely stored in a water and salt solution. Should I search extra hard for fresh ribs or does it not matter that much if I am smoking?
  2. smokin phil

    smokin phil Smoking Fanatic

    I buy cryovacced frozen ribs all the time. They turn out fine.
  3. demosthenes9

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    Really depends on your personal tastes.     Some people don't like them, others do.   It's what's available here for a good price so that is what I smoke.
  4. 3montes

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    If the ribs have been solution soaked it should say so on the packaging. Around here I buy Farmland extra meaty pork loin back ribs. Best ribs I have ever found. They are cryovac packed. They are trimmed nicely and membrane already removed. Spendy though. Regular price is $5.99 a lb. Deal price is usually about $3.89.

    I have purchased cheaper frozen ribs and can tell the difference.
  5. tacosmcgee

    tacosmcgee Fire Starter

    Thanks, all! This was my first post, and I am already being helped!
  6. hello TacosMcGee, welcome to the post, i see it is your first post here, there are smokers here with all kinds of experience, most all people here will help you with any smoking or smoker problems. and welcome to the forum.


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