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    ive read countless articles on here that the only way to crisp chicken is either throwing whatever kind of chicken it is on the grill for a couple minutes after the smoke session or at high heat during the whole smoke....I sat outside reading all my Myron mixon books and smoke books and they say you can cook wings or beer can chicken at normal temps (225-250) and it will turn out crispy. mine always turn out rubbery. I love chicken but smoking it and getting it crispy which is the only way I like it, is so hard....pointers/tips. I usually either make wings, or a whole roast/beer can chicken, BBQ cupcake thighs.
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    I am not sure Myron's Bite Through Skin and Crispy Skin means the same thing in the Comp world...JJ
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    Higher temps when smoking is your best bet. 325-350

    Also make sure that the skin is dry, super dry. The best method is to air dry in the fridge over night. If you don't have time to do that, pat dry and then use a hair dryer on low right before putting the bird in the smoker. Also pull the skin tight around the bird.

    A dry brine is another good option. Rub the bird down with kosher salt and whatever seasonings you want, inside and out. Place bird on rack suspended over a drip pan and place in fridge for 12-24 hours. Then smoke.

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