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  1. I have had 19mm collagen casings from sausagemaker for some years. They have been in fridge always. are they still good for venison sticks? I have a 5 lb stuffer and hope the small tube will be OK. Rytek has in his book that they cannot be linked,do I just lay on trays in smoker?
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    Not sure about still using casing that old.  They are cheap, I would start fresh.  As far as smoking with them, I loop them around sticks and hang them in my smoker with the racks removed.  I tie the ends with butcher string.
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    Put the casings in a zip lock and leave the bag open and put in fridge for a few hours and you will be fine.

    You can link collagen in this way.

    Twist one to your desired length

    Pinch the casing on the next

    Twist again and repete.

    Or if its not working for you rack em.
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  4. Thanks for the replies. I guess I will just get some new casings. I am 2 hrs from Buffalo,so the supplies are quick. No sense in wasting time and meat on questionable casings. Never thought about looping around dowels. Duh,Should have thought of that. That is why I am pleased that I am included in this group. thanks,jake
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    i link them by twisting then tieng butcher string around twist.Its a bit time consuming but it works quite well.
  6. Thanks Mike,look forward to talking with you about all things smoked. After the sticks,slab bacon and hotdogs are the next project. Also I am making some cheese.
  8. I like your twist and pinch method thanks
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    That's what I do. Works fine.

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