Cold smoked some cheap Bourbon Whiskey

Discussion in 'Other' started by bassshadow, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Here is a video of me smoking some Bourbon Whiskey. Did not come out with a real smoke taste like I thought.
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  2. floridasteve

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    Interesting... Never thought about smoking liquids. Do you think more smoke, lighting both ends of the try, and a little longer would have yielded a smokey flavor?
  3. Yes, I was thinking about putting it back in the smoker and filling up the A-Maze-N and lighting both ends for a heavy smoke. I only smoked it for 2 hours. Hoping to get that great smoke flavor...
  4. floridasteve

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    Let us know how it turns out. Never tried cold smoking, but I bought some cheese to try it, so I could just add a pan of whisky to the box!
  5. eman

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    When you smoke liquid you need to stir it every 20 - 30 min to break the surface so that it can absorb smoke.

     I smoke water to make ice cubes for bourbon or bloody marys.

      When you smoke the bourbon rebottle it and let it set for a week before tasting. then decide if it's smokey enough.

    It mellows and develops flavor as it sits.
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  6. mr t 59874

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  7. Ok, thanks for the heads up. I will resmoke in a few days and will stir it every 30 minutes too this time. Will post on my results.
  8. Also like the idea of the smoked water for ice cubes...
  9. OK...I resmoked the bourbon with a full load of pellets and lighted both ends. Set timer to remind me to stir it every 30 minutes...
    Wow! Now I can smell and taste the smoke, what a difference.
    Definitely doing this again with a better grade of whiskey. Going smoke some water too, for making ice cubes.
    Not so sure I need a separate hand held smoker for liquids... The stirring and heavier smoke did the trick.
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  10. floridasteve

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    Basshadow, how long did you smoke it for this time?
  11. About 5 hours smoke time. Lit both ends of the A-Maze-N pellet smoker.
  12. I have smoked Vodka by separating in smaller bowls to increase surface area.

    After 2 hours it had all the smoke it needed.

    This makes great Bloody Marys.
  13. floridasteve

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    Thanks guys! Been wanting to try som cheese, so I'll do booze to go along!
  14. foamheart

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    Even with a cold smoke don't you lose alcohol to evaporation? What about the slight chance of explosion? Ok, I did say slight.
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  15. The smoked bourbon loses a lot of the alcohols and congeners (flavorings you don't want) to evaporation (volatilization).......oh way back when I made my own stuff I'd cold smoke the corn first before mashing it in......oh god the flavor was awesome.
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  16. This is an interesting beer that is somewhat local to me. They smoke the malt before they brew it. It's actually smoked in sacks in the same smokehouse with the bologna.

    Seltzer’s Smokehaus #7

    From the hardwood fired smokehouses of Seltzer’s Smoked Meats comes Seltzer’s Smokehaus 7. A unique combination of malt, hops, and smoke create a rauchbier with a flavor that harkens back to the “old-world” ways of a Lebanon County icon.
  17. Yes vodka is on my to do list. I have some vodka I infused with a Trinadad Scorpion pepper a few years ago, which is really good in Bloody Mary's. So thinking of smoking that.
  18. mr t 59874

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    It's all a matter of choice as to how we add smoke flavor to what we consume.  After using several different methods of smoking liquids, I have found that my handheld smoke generator will do in anywhere from mere seconds to a minute or two what used to take hours.  It also makes smoking carbonated beverages such as beer or pop a breeze.

    Enjoy your results no matter how you get there.

  19. What kind of smoke would you use? Hickory? Whiskey barrels?
  20. bluewhisper

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    I've infused tequila with smoked hot pepper. The funny thing is, it winds up resembling scotch.

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