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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by sprky, Dec 25, 2009.

  1. sprky

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    Well Mother Nature cooperated somewhat today. It’s not a blizzard outside, and very little snow on ground. But we do have the winds, getting gusts of up to 45 mph, with temp of 14. I’m still going to try and smoke the birds, but will keep a close eye on the temp. Birds went in the smoker at 10:00 and temp is now at 160 so right now I’m cold smoking. If by 11:00 I’m not up to temp I’m going to remove the water and see if I can get to temp. If birds are not at 140 by 2:00 I’m going to pull and finish in oven[​IMG], got 2 turkey bags and rosters just in case. The birds will at least get some smoke in them this way[​IMG]. Keeping fingers and toes crossed I can complete the smoke. ABTs will go in smoke when I get them ready. Q-view will follow if I get a new camera as cell phone pics cost me when I send them, to my e-mail, got in trouble for this 1 [​IMG].
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    First off what kind of smker do you have and then is there some sort of wind break that you can make or rig together. So good luck on the birds and the Abt's should be fine they can stay for a while in the smoker.[​IMG]
  3. sprky

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    I have a perfect flame propane smoker from Lowes. I have drilled the orface out 2 sizes for more BTU's,cant go any larger as flame is mostly blue with yellow tips, and no more air adjustment on burner tube. I have also added a gasket to the door.
    I have 4 sections of insulated duct around the smoker i added them at 11:30, temp jumped almost as soon as i did it.

    Right now i got tbs and a temp of 210 smoker and 114 turkey so ill probily be ok just will not get crisp skin, but thats ok as we dont eat the skin much anyways. It will take longer to smoke, then normal but i have allowed for that as dinners not till 7:00.
  4. werdwolf

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    Good luck keep the info coming and lets see that Q VIEW!
  5. sprky

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    looks like the forbiden oven is not going to be used at all. I'm now 6 hours into the smoke and smoker is holding 220 with outside temps at 22 with 35 mph winds, gusts to 50. Snows starting to fly again, but the birds are at 150 in the breast, only 10 more deg to go befor i pull them. things are looking good. I added 36 ABTS to smoker around 4 and birds were looking golden brown. I'LL post some Q-view if the camera is charged in time.
  6. scpatterson

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    Good news..Glad its working out and looking forward to some queu view

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