Calibrating the Thermometer

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by larrypj25, May 4, 2014.

  1. I just received my 2" River Country Thermometer and I am trying to calibrate it. I tried the "boiling point" method and it seems to have helped, but I did not know how long to hold it in the water. Any advice on getting a sound calibration with these cooking thermometers?
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    Larry , hello and welcome , I haven't had the pleasure yet.

    Calibrating is easy. Your therms. won't go to 32*F I'm sure, but the boiling water is like this . . . when the water starts to bubble lightly place the probe in so that it does not touch metal leave it in a few seconds 20-30 , then read. if you make a note of the

    temp., you can use that as your guideline.

    Best is to have several types of therms. and calibrate before each cook. 

    Have fun and . . .

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