Breakfast Quesadillas

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  1. Did these last week and just getting around to posting them.  Breakfast Quesadillas on the grill! Been wanting to do a little something different for breakfast and my favorite is breakfast burritos. Decided why not a breakfast quesadilla!! Here is my creation.

    Started out by cooking some homemade bacon on the BGE. Cooked on the grill indirect at 375° using a non stick grill mat

    Building the quesadilla... started with a mild mexican cheese spread on the whole tortilla. Then topped 1/2 with some cooked Hot Pork sausage, some sauteed onions, mushrooms, and green peppers, bacon pieces, cooked scrambled eggs, and then finally shredded cheese. Folded in 1/2 and ready to go onto the grill.

    Onto the grill cooking direct around 400° using the grill grates covered in foil.

    Hot off the grill and looked great as is but I decided to take them one step farther.....

    Added some country gravy and sharp cheddar cheese! My new breakfast favorite!! Will be making a lot more of these for sure.

    Money Shot. Breakfast quesadilla hot of the grill with some country gravy and melted sharp cheddar cheese.

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  2. Man that money shot just made me drool over my keyboard!

    That looks fantastic!! Did you make the cheese spread yourself??
  3. That is insane! I love breakfast and that is the king of all breakfasts! Definite points for this one!
  4. Those look great! Points for creativity!
  5. No I didn't.   I is a Mexican Cheese Dip that I buy at Sams Club.  It is great for cooks like this!!

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