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  1. After my not so good attempt at making spicy Italian smoke sausage, I've decided to try making a decent sized batch of boudin for my second sausage making attempt. After reading some great threads on the subject on here, I still have a few questions. I bought a 9 pound picnic shoulder for this project, and having difficulty finding a recipe that works with this large cut. Also, am I trimming fat or cutting this piece of meat before boiling with the spices? Thanks for any advice guys.

    - LJ

    Here is a picture of the shoulder. 
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  3. timberjet

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    By the way you would be in Boudin for a long long time making that much at once. Nothing wrong with that though it does freeze just fine.
  4. Timberjet,

    Thanks for the reply, I viewed that recipe earlier today. Unfortunately, pork liver will be extremely difficult for me to come about. As far as quantity, I will be passing some out as gifts to friends, then freezing. I used to bulk buy boudin from LA and it never lasts long!

    - LJ 
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    I couldn't find the liver when I made mine. It was fine without it but I have had nothing to compare it to. Heck, you ought to be able to find it in your area I would think. Make a couple calls to some meat counters around. You never know. I bought a bunch of chicken livers for my next batch and I don't know if it would be anything similar or not but what the heck.
  6. Chicken livers, is an interesting idea, I would assume it would be similar tastes. 

    - LJ
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  8. Thanks for the tip, I am contacting some markets in the area to dig some up. None of the fat is trimmed from the shoulder correct? 

  9. Try a Asian market or a slaughter house.

    Happy smoken.

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    Keep the back fat or hard fat for your sausage but some of the  soft crud between the muscles should be discarded.
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    Chicken livers should work just fine.
  13. Love Boudin, I'll be watching    

  14. Thanks for the tip.
  15. Me too Gary.I will post Qviews in this thread starting on Friday.

    - LJ
  16. It is a cold and icy day here, perfect for some boudin making. Updating the Q-View throughout the day.

    To start things off I am basing my boudin on the recipe that was provided above in this thread (thanks guys). 

    I opted to go with chicken livers over the pork liver (these are cheap, and easy to get). 3 pounds of these were combined with my 9 pound shoulder. 

    Everything is chunked up into the large stockpot with bell peppers, onion, and celery. Added salt, black pepper, red pepper. 

    Will post more as it comes along, happy smoking!

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     I can't wait until it's done so I can see what the chicken livers do for it. I have been anxiously waiting for someone to try or comment on this as here in the northwest where I live it is real hard to get nose to tail stuff like pork livers and such.
  18. I am excited for the results. I will provide plenty of pictures and comments for everyone, thanks for the tips, and viewing.


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