Boneless cross rib roast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by yjay, May 26, 2014.

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    Fred Meyer has these on sale for $3.99 a pound. Bought a 5 pounder and cut it in half. Gave it the SPOG and worcestershire sauce and marinated in a ziplock for a few hours. Found a lot of opinions on what temp to take it to, from 130IT to 205IT, the latter I believe is for pulled beef. So I started at 220F and slowly bumped it up to 245F, and 275F for the last 20 minutes. Pulled it at 155IT and wrapped it for a rest of about half an hour.Just over 2 hours cook time. Not quite as red as the pics show. Served with a side of baked red potato squares and garlic bread.

    Came out really tender, no knife needed. I really dig the addition of worcestershire.
  2. Looks good man  [​IMG]   Nice smoke  [​IMG]
  3. seenred

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    That looks delicious from here!  Nice job yjay!


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    Look pretty darn good from here! Nice smoke!
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    I think it's very comparable to tri tip. Maybe better.

    Is brisket better than these cuts? If so, that would be amazing. I'm trying to figure out if they are even worth trying again. They take forever. These are so good and smoke up in no time. Why is everyone obsessed with brisket? I'm new to this so kinda curious.
  6. Morniun All;
    I was thinkin they would be like a tri tip, Tri Tip is great but expensive around here at the moment,, I checked with my butcher and it was 10.50 a pound,,,So I decided to try a couple of these goin for 8 a pound and buy 1 get one free,,. ,, I hadn't considered takin them to 20 or 205 to pull,, I was thinkin to 135 IT and maybe flash them on thr grill before i wrap the for a nice med out come.
    Has anyone tried smokin to pull state.

    Smoke On
  7. superdave

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    These are pretty lean.  Consider injecting and going to whatever side of rare you like.
  8. I had thought they would be like a steak, injected with beef base, vinagar and worishtisher the salted, peppered, garlic and onion
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    Nice , very nice. [​IMG]And thanks for the Q-view.

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