Better than Bacon?

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    Is it possible to surpass the flavor of bacon when it comes to pork?  What is the best tasting thing on earth? Many claim bacon is the ultimate indulgence. But I think I have found something better and I can’t get enough of it lately. My wife agrees. I have gone through 3 pork shoulders (butts) in the last month or so between my wife and I. You know when there is a flavor profile of a food you just can’t get enough of????  Well this is one of those things.  I will post the recipe and directions as this is one SO EASY everyone must try. I think many will agree.

    Thai Pork BBQ

    Ok, for the purists, its marinated and “grilled” pork- not really BBQ, but you be the judge of what to call it. I call it delicious!  There is something about the combination of the cilantro and the coconut milk that is SO heavenly. Do not substitute or omit anything! Measure and follow quantities of each ingredient. You can find everything you need to make this at your neighborhood Wally World.

    1 bunch cilantro

    ½ Cup Soy Sauce

    3 Heaping Tablespoons Garlic

    ½ Cup Brown Sugar

    ¼ Cup Fish sauce

    ½ Cup Lemon Juice

    1 Cup Coconut Milk

    1 Pork Butt (Shoulder) deboned and cubed (about 4 lbs)

    (I'm making a slightly smaller batch here)


    1. Put all of the ingredients in a food processor except for the Coconut Milk (and the pork of course). Pure’ the mixture. This will be the marinade.

    2. Reserve ¼ Cup of the marinade and refrigerate to save for later.

    3. Pour the marinade into a container with the cubed up meat. I use a vacuum container that will speed up the process, but I prefer to let it sit in the refrigerator for a day. Give the container a toss to mix it up once in a while if you can remember.

    is a good time to break out that vacuum sealer accessory (and a little shot of Pendleton's.)

    4. Prepare your grill. Skewer the meat to make kebabs, and discard the leftover marinade.

    5. Add 1 Cup of coconut milk to the reserved marinade you set aside in step #2 . This will be the baste.

    6.  When the coals are ready, grill the kebabs. Baste immediately and throughout the grilling and turning the kebabs. Use up all the baste. The coconut baste char on the pork is pure ecstasy! Don’t be afraid of a few flare-ups.

    7.  Serve.

    Grilled corn off the cob and fresh garlic fried green beans


    • When you chose your coconut milk, get the thickest you can find which should contain 20% fat or more. I like the Chaokoh brand or Thai Kitchen as an alternate. Both are on the shelf at my local Wal-Mart. Shake the can well before you open it, then stir it because it does separate. There will be solids on the bottom and coconut cream that will float to the top of the can.

    • Absolutely do NOT skip the fish sauce!

    • You may opt to slice the pork to make larger chunks or steaks instead of kebabs.

    • I have grilled them on KBB with -and without -chunks of Kiawe, Cherry, and Maple, but for the sweet/savory flavor profile of these I didn’t feel they benefited from a lot of smoke flavor, as it was distracting. In fact the less was better to my taste. The best ones I did were on my indoor Jen-Air grill. A gas grill would also be a good choice.
    Now that I have your attention… I am planning on NOT leaving this well enough alone. They are fantastic As-Is, but I can’t help but think how great this would be made into SAUSAGE!  This is my next endeavor. Stay tuned!
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    Oh Boy!![​IMG]

    Those skewers look Awesome!![​IMG]---[​IMG]

    Nice Job!![​IMG]

  3. browneyesvictim

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    Thanks Bear for the compliment and point. These are really something different that have a "wow" factor with the first bite!
  4. dirtsailor2003

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    Looks great! Very similar to the Thai sausage I make. I prefer lime over lemon in Thai r copes just my preference because I prefer lime over lemon anyways.

    Grind stuff and give your recipe a try for fresh grilled sausages. Works good with chicken too.
  5. smokeymose

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    This sounds like something I would try on the side for myself. The Mrs would turn her nose up at the Cilantro.
    I know I have some skewers around here someplace.....
  6. browneyesvictim

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    I have your Thai Chicken sausage recipe bookmarked already. I think it was a post something about your "Lemmon Squeezer" Notes taken. Yes, It should be very similar to that.
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    That looks fantastic!
  8. browneyesvictim

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    No need for skewers for these SM if you don have them. And cooked cilantro has a different flavor than when eaten fresh. Especially when drowned in coconut milk and fish sauce. [​IMG]  Give 'em a try. I promise you wont be disappointed.
    Thanks! They really are fantastic. They taste even better than they look I swear! Thanks for the point.
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    Man o man!

    That looks fantastic!

    Point for making the carousel!

  10. awesome looking kebabs. I'm salivating as I'm typing 

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    Looks great but better than bacon? Bold statement my friend...
  12. browneyesvictim

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    I am honored. and thank you for the point.
    Well... if you read carefully it is a question. A question I pose to all... Including you! [​IMG]

    But you have to make it and try it to find out.
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    "Don’t be afraid of a few flare-ups."

    Erik I have to assume you do not have a long beard LOL 

    That does sound good even though I am not a big cilantro fan. Points

  14. ddrian

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    You inspired my next sous vide project....  WHOOOAAAAA! That would be awesome in the water bath, and then crust them! 


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    It's way outta my wheelhouse but I'll try it.
  16. crazzycajun

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    Got too try this curious about the sausage idea:sausage:
  17. browneyesvictim

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    I do keep my goat pretty well trimmed. [​IMG]

    Thanks for the point.
    You are probably right.  I imagine that would break them down and be more tender than they already are. Something  like Sous Vide CSR's perhaps? Let me know how that goes. Getting the carmalization right without drying them out is where its at. Thanks for the point.
    Yup. Should work out I hope. They would be best as a fresh brat (not smoked) sausage. Im going to have to get the liquid marinade and coconut milk to meat ratio right. Ill need to add some NFDM or use or replace with coconut milk powder.for both moisture retention and flavor.
  18. Looks very interesting!

    What temp and how long did you grill them?

    Did you take them to a certain IT?

  19. chilerelleno

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    Those sound and look fantastic!
    They're going on my short list of recipes to try.

    Congrats on making the carousel.

  20. Oh my!

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