Beef Tenderloin + Pinhead Peppers w/ Q-view

Discussion in 'Beef' started by gerk, Aug 10, 2014.

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    So today got a little creative and got a (literal) round of applause for it .. but first the Beef tenderloin.  Marinated overnight with a soy/worcestershire/brown sugar (and a couple other things) sort of thing.  Vac packed and let sit about 18 hours.  Rubbed with just super simple evoo + 4 blend of pepper.  Smoked with Whiskey Oak Barrel at 230-240F for about 1.25 hours. 

    Super tender, hit my temp perfect, nice and juicy, and could cut it with a fork (literally).  Flavor was simple but I wanted to keep it simple first time around smoking one of these.

    Now for the interesting creation, kind of a spin on a few different things I saw perusing the threads here ... friends of ours that were dinner guests named them Pinhead Peppers (for the Pinhead Character from Hellraiser) -- they kind of looked similar ;)

    Partially roasted red peppers, halved, filled with italian sausage meat (+sauteed garlic +sauteed onions), topped with cream cheese, then also topped with a slice of provolone (not seen in pics).  Then mated up the halves together and wrapped decent quality in bacon.  Smoked for 3.5 hours, Whiskey Barrel Oak, 230-240F.  These things turned out dreamy if I do say so myself.  The cut pic doesn't do them justice.  Kind of like a cross between a fatty and a jalapeno popper :)

    The pinhead peppers are going to stay on the menu methinks ... maybe a couple of tweaks next time I do something like that.
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    That all looks awesome & the tenderloin looks done perfectly ! Thumbs Up Nice job !
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    Thanks, it was yummy!  I'm still reeling over the pinhead peppers to be honest :)
  4. [​IMG]  Mmmmmmmm great looking meal!   Great job

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