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    I am in the planning stages of building a backwoods clone and I have a few questions. I have been basing my design off of the plans in this thread. backwoods-style-build

    My main question is I would like to get longer burn times out of it because I work 10 hour days and would like to use it while I am at work and I can't rely on my wife to refill the charcoal basket I currently get well over 20 hours out of a full basket in my UDS and would like to be able to get at least 12 hours or so I was thinking about making the fire box taller and sacrificing the cook chamber height. His design only has a 10 inch tall firebox and I was thinking of 14"-16" witch would give me room for over 20 pounds of kingsford and leave me with 7 racks 4" apart wich is more than enough

    My next question is about the intake size. I have an iq110 and would be useing it most of the time but I case of a failure I want to be able to rune it naturally. Would a 2" ball valve be big enough or would I need either two of them or a bigger valve.
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    I have decided to go ahead draw up some sketches of what I am thinking. And hopefully I will be buying the materials and starting on it this week or next. I will be useing 16ga hot rolled steel sheet and 14 ga tubing

    My changes are that I have changed it from 24"x24" racks to 8 18"x24" racks spaced 3" apart. I also changed the firebox from 10" to 12" tall. The charcoal box will be 16"x23"x8" and sit inside a slightly larger ash pan. I have removed the rear inner false wall but can add that in later if I need to but I think it will be fine. Moved the smoke stack so it will be sticking out the back 1" almost to the bottom. This will make it so that I can skin it in 2 pieces and only need a small 2"x4" patch on the back. (I'm not sure this will be any better but it makes sence in my head.

    My design will use 3 sheets instead of 5 sheets of steel and save quite a bit of square and rectangle tube
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