Anyone on Long Island or elsewhere try Best Yet supermarket's BBQ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by worktogthr, Mar 11, 2014.

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    I was in the Best Yet Supermarket in West Babylon on Long Island and noticed they have a BBQ section. They have a giant southern pride smoker and sell pulled pork, brisket, spare ribs, and beef ribs and all kinds of sides. Really pricey for supermarket bbq but it seems like authentic stuff. They gave me a sample of the brisket and it was better than any I could make... Doused it in sauce though (which was also good, not sure if
    Its made in house )Would have rather tasted it on its own. The beef ribs looked amazing but they weren't giving away samples especially when it was 9.50 per rib. Think it was like 22 bucks for a rack of spares and three sides. 22 for two pounds of pulled pork and three sides. Like I said pricey, but just though it was interesting to see this in a supermarket. Asked some questions and they told me they use hickory and maple to smoke.
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    I live in Bethpage. I frequent the one in Hicksville. They have really good sales. A good deli department, fish department and good sales on a lot of things especially meat and charcoal. Beats most supermarkets by a lot. Never seen the BBQ section. Each market is different. Example, Hicksville doesn't have a fresh fish department, but a frozen one or one that is shipped from farmingdale because they have a fresh fish department.

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