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  1. I know this is not a stupid question because every teacher I had told me you can never ask a stupid question :).  I took Jeff's ecourse (great course by the way) and I am chomping a the bit to get started. I have been reading a lot and I have decided to get a 22.5 WSM it sounds like a great beginner smoker with no mods needed. If I can find one I can get this week my first attempt will be next weekend. Like I said in my first introduction in July I am going to feed 4 to 5 families when we are on vacation so I want to get this right so I need to start soon to get it right. My question is once you are finished smoking Pork Butt or brisket and you are letting the meat rest for 30 min and the dripping are separating for 1.5 hours or so, will the meat lose its temperature?  If so how do you reheat it or is that a no-no. As you can see I am very green to this but I don't want to mess up any meat.  I am going to start with chicken but it not the cost of the meat that bothers me if I screw it up its the meat itself.


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    If it is wrapped and covered, the protein will stay hot for at least a couple hours.
  3. Thanks, Markyque

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