8.65 BB for PP

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  1. Sitting here on hour... 12 and i think i have hit the stall.
    Went on about 0600 first time using my ET732 found out after two test (ice water and boil) my dome therm on my 18.5" wsm is about 25* lower than the bbq probe. Was a big difference so thats why two tests and also used my Taylor digital during test to compare.
    I have been keeping logs and so far:
    0800. 246 bbq. 120* meat
    0930. 252 bbq. 147* meat. This is where I discovered the huge difference and was going off the dome therm until testing and verifying results.
    1030. 243 bbq. 162* meat
    Nap time
    130. 237 bbq. 178* meat
    Pool time
    430. 234 bbq. 189* meat
    530. 237 bbq. 189* meat
    And current 189* meat.
    Come on you stubborn butt break down and cook 6 more*!!

    For some reason i cannot get any q view pictures on here. All my online devices are apple and it doesn't work for me for some odd reason.
  2. Boom 190* 90 min stall.
  3. hang in there....
  4. [​IMG]

    The computor cops may have your pics held up. It sometimes takes a bit till you get enough post in. They are just stopping the [​IMG]

    Happy smoken.

  5. She broken free and off to the races! 192* now few more and ill be pulling by 8.

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