30" masterbuilt electric smoker question

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by bgcorn, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Is the 30 " masterbuilt electric smoker big enough to smoke two 10lb turkeys at the same time? Thanks
  2. bandcollector

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    The only restriction I see is if you cannot fit them into the smoker...I believe you should be able to accomplish two turkeys.

    If you are hesitant then measure the birds and see if they will indeed fit into your smoker.

    Good luck,  John
  3. chef willie

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    allow extra time...a full smoker will take longer.....Willie
  4. superdave

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    Rack spacing is going to be your down fall.  You will have to stack and lay the birds on their back.  The top bird's breast is going to be pretty close to the top of the smoker.  You will want to rotate the shelves during the smoke so that they get more even heat, top to bottom. 
  5. Thanks guys my wife informed me today that we where going to have a few extra guest for thanksgiving this year. we usually do a 12 lb bird.I thought I would try 2 smaller birds.
  6. superdave

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    Being a dark meat guy, I like the idea for extra thighs!!
  7. foamheart

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    Simple, cook one the day before, and clean and slice all the meat. Then cook the other thanksgiving, leave the turkey whole to be carved at the table if needed. Take the sliced meat and put it around the turkey platter and you'll look like some Better Homes & Garden's picture.
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  8. parrot-head

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    You could smoke one and do one regular in the oven to have a variety

  9. ostrichsak

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    I was going to suggest this but smoke one and deep-fry the other.  We did this last year and it was a tremendous hit as people were able to eat whichever kind they wanted.  Turned out all wanted both kinds and couldn't make up their mind which they loved more.  

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